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Welcome Edition – Term 1, 2024


Dear Community,

Friday was my first opportunity to address the whole Secondary School.  I took this opportunity to share with our students the things I care deeply about and the expectations I have of them.  I think it’s important that they understand where we are coming from to ensure that there are no mixed messages.

I also highlighted the importance of us working as a team which includes parents/carers, staff at MacKillop and the student.  When all three engage positively with the student’s education, amazing outcomes can be achieved.  I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming weeks and months and building strong relationships between home and the College.

As a starting point, I encourage you to ask your sons and daughters about their start to a new academic year.  You don’t need to ask technical questions about Year 10 Algebra; rather, just demonstrate an active interest.  Simply asking about their day, what they enjoyed, what topic they are studying in Science, etc., makes a world of difference and says to your child that you care about their education and believe that it’s important.

As a prompt, you might want to ask them about the points I raised in my first address. 

They included:


What Do I Care About?

  • Each of you as individuals
  • ​​Your Teachers​​
  • Support Staff
  • The College community​​
  • The College’s reputation​


What Do I Expect?

  • That each of you will demonstrate respect​:
             – Respect for yourself​
             – Respect for others​
             – Respect for the College​​
  • I will have high expectations of you, and so will your teachers.​​
  • That you will represent the College with pride.​ 
  • That you will demonstrate a strong work ethic.​​ 
  • That you will do the basics well.​​ Strong House Spirit.​​ 
  • That you will leave this College with choices for your future.​


Look, I’m a realist.  Not many of your children will be champing at the bit to converse with you about my first speech.  Having said that, I’m determined to embed these key messages, and I have the utmost confidence that it will help your children thrive at MacKillop.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has provided me with such a warm welcome to the MacKillop community; it is clear to me already that this is a beautiful community and one I am excited to immerse myself in.


God bless,


Paul Lynch 

Acting Secondary Principal