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School Counsellors provide counselling services to students which support their mental health and wellbeing. Our two counsellors are both Registered Psychologists with the Psychology Board of Australia and have many years experience working with youth and adult populations in various settings including health, educational, vocational and counselling Psychology. Appointments can be made during school hours, Monday to Friday, through a direct referral by the student, a referral by the relevant Year Coordinator or Classroom Teacher, or via parent/guardian referral.

Family Support is available for all parents and carers should they have any concerns, need advice or would like to get involved with College programs or events from our Family Liaison Officer and Josephite Social Justice. Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, help the College and support your children. Our Family Liaison Officer can be found in the Library between Tuesday and Thursday, however this is subject to change depending on College events. Our Josephite Social Justice can be found in the Front Office.

Samara Stark, College Counsellor
Natalie Tunstead, Family Liaison Officer
Sr Marea Ross, Josephite Social Justice