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Secondary Student Testimonials

It has been an absolute honour for me to have been able to attend MacKillop for the past 11 years. The school, along with its teachers, staff and students have provided me with countless opportunities which have ultimately allowed me to achieve the significant results which I am proud to have been awarded and opportunities giving me the chance to participate in extra curricular activities, sporting and further academic endeavours which without MacKillop I doubt I would have pursued.
– Darcy

My journey at Mackillop Catholic College began with my twin brother in kindergarten in 2007 and this year sees us both as seniors beginning Year 11. In this time our school community has not only provided me with security and friendships but also opportunities that I feel will form part of a great foundation for life. I recently represented our school on the New Zealand Sports and Cultural trip which enabled us to make new friends and play netball against other girls from other schools and immerse ourselves in the Maori Culture. It was also a great opportunity to get to know better the teachers and other students that I was sharing the experience with. An opportunity, that I hope to be part of, has also now presented itself for students to represent our school in Panama in January 2019 for the World Youth Day.
– Sarah

Completing Years 1-12 at MacKillop allowed me to study subjects I enjoyed and even sparked an interest in new ones. The community of Mackillop creates an environment suited for every interest with plenty of opportunities to get involved. In this way, it creates a safe place for students and as such, I could never imagine attending another school.
– Samantha

MacKillop has a great sense of community. From the Principals to the teachers, each person is accommodating and professional to your needs as a student. I benefited from this, as I was able to thrive emotionally and intellectually in the MacKillop school community. Each teacher helped me independently, with ease and dedication. My advice to new students is to show your dedication to the teacher and they ill reciprocate with just as much dedication.
– William

Attending MacKillop taught me not only academic skills I needed, but life skills and values that, since leaving high school, I have used to navigate my journey into the world after school and formed me into the person I am today. I thrived in the MacKillop community by getting involved in all activities and opportunities that were on offer. Their programs helped me develop strong friendships and meaningful connections to the wider community that I will always be grateful for. I would encourage all students, new and existing, to get involved in as much as you can – you learn so much about yourself and your community. I will always value and cherish my MacKillop schooling.
– Renae