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Zart Competition – our students need your vote!

20 Jul 2022

It’s ZART competition time and our students need your vote! There is a total prize pool of over 33k for this student art comp which is amazing! Voting closes COB on Monday, 25 July so get in quick.

Below are our students who have entered – you can vote in each category but only once.

CATEGORY 3 – Secondary School 7-9

Evelyn D – Monster Challenge

CATEGORY 4 – Secondary School 10-12

Ashleigh J – Magpie

Mia W – Banksia Seed Pod

Elise W – Galah

Ellie N – Magpie Song

Alexandra M – Crimson Rosella

Melissa V – Banksia Seed Pod

Anya M – Blue Wren

Alaina J – Rosella

Jack K – Cyanotype

Chantelle L – Everything Green

Bella P – The Golden Ratio

Amelia T – Budgerigar

Erica M – Banksia

Rhiannon D – Banksia Seed Pods

Dana D – Watchful Kookaburra

Ella T – Magpie Singing

Finn S – Magpie Poetry

Rhiannon M – Emu Poetry

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