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Year 7 Camp

19 Jun 2023

On Wednesday 3 May, Year 7 gathered in the TAS driveway to embark on our journey to The Great Aussie Bush Camp at Tea Gardens. For many in Year 7, this was their first time ever being away from family for a school overnight trip. When we arrived at camp students set themselves up in their tent groups and organised their beds before getting instructions on mealtimes and activity groups.

Activities for the camp included orienteering, the leap of faith, survivor challenge, crate climb, vertical challenge, team challenge and Archery.

The first night, was perfect conditions for the commando activities with a full moon. Students had to locate hostages using stealth and go undetected by teachers hiding in the forest. Students made a good effort and came close but the teachers came out the winners. It was very easy to spot the students as many were laughing and had flashlights on. Students went for supper and were warmed by the fire before going to bed.

It was an early start Thursday with students looking very tired. There were 4 activities planned for the day, the students all got involved and were helping each other out, displaying great teamwork. That night students did a night hike to the indoor climbing centre for a disco.

On Friday students were responsible for packing up the campsite ready for a 1 o’clock departure, before going off to 2 more activities.

It was great to witness Year 7 step outside their comfort zone and establish friendships and deeper connections with their house groups. Mr Rickards was very proud of the way they got in and got involved in the program.

We would like to thank Mrs Gorman, Miss Greenwood, Mr O’Malley, Mr Sheely, Mrs Calder, Mrs Moore, and Mrs Black for giving up their time away from families to make the Year 7 camp possible. A special thank you to Mr Rickards who organised the entire camp and worked so hard over the 3 days away.

You can view more images in the gallery section of our website. Year 7 Camp Gallery

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