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Year 10 Retreat 2023

19 Jun 2023

Year 10 Retreat at the Collaroy Centre

After a very early start on Thursday 1 June, Year 10 headed off to Collaroy for their Retreat. The students were very anxious and excited as they weren’t quite sure what to expect. The theme of the Retreat was Positive Relationships, the students were able to reflect on the many people in their lives who are positive role models. The theme was integrated throughout the group sessions, outdoor activities and, of course, the beautiful Mass which was designed especially for Year 10. We celebrated the Eucharist, and then the students had opportunities to participate in a variety of prayer stations, enabling them to be honest and show appreciation for others. It allowed some fractured relationships to be mended and others to be strengthened. The outdoor group activities required elements of teamwork as well as overcoming some personal challenges. The Collaroy staff were once again impressed by the way the MacKillop students conducted themselves in a public forum. Well Done Year 10.


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