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Winter Sleepout 2022

23 Jun 2022

On Friday 17 June, around 200 students and 25 staff attended the MCC Winter Sleepout. For the very first time, our Year 6 Primary students also joined us, as well as students from St Brigid’s, St Joseph’s and St Peter’s. We had a number of special guest speakers including Regional Manager from St Vincent de Paul, Dennis Brady, Local Member of Parliament, Mr David Harris, as well as Coast Shelter, Safe Places for Children and Father’s Table.

Hearing the personal testimonies from some of our guests about their experiences with homelessness, domestic violence and other related issues was so powerful and we thank them for their courage and bravery in being able to provide an insight into their lives, the hardships they have faced, but also for offering ways that we can make change happen. We look forward to this challenge and seek to do our best to ensure there is justice for all who are most vulnerable.

We had about 40 sleep over from 10-12 and 7 staff which is amazing too!! It was very cold – and lot’s of snoring! It was such a good experience, despite the uncomfortable conditions, providing a small snippet of what life on the streets looks like. But we were all very glad to go home to our nice warm beds and a hot shower… though we think it makes us all the more determined to want to do more for those who live in these conditions on a daily basis. We do not know how they do it honestly. It is just so tough.

We are so proud of all of the students and staff who joined us for this special event. And to our special guests – thank you, thank you.

Below are just some of the highlights from this amazing night.


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