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The Urgent Wilcannia Donation Drive

30 Aug 2021

Mary MacKillop famously once said, “Never see a need without doing something about it”. Wilcannia is in desperate need.

Pre-Covid, you may not have even heard of Wilcannia. But a lot of us have now, as Government data reveals Wilcannia is now the hardest hit area in NSW for Covid cases per head of population. To give you an idea of the percentage, a similar outbreak in Sydney would mean more than 136,000 cases.

– Wilcannia is a town in far western NSW, more than 100km from a hospital or major supermarket.

– Covid-19 has hit the own in a very dangerous way. They have gone weeks without bread, milk, fresh produce and meat. In the only package they have received, 3/4 of the produce was out of date. The closest town for food is Broken Hill, 196km away (one way). Due to the Covid numbers, they cannot leave their homes

– There is a serious housing shortage in Wilcannia, with many homes with 10+ persons, making it virtually impossible to ‘self isolate’

– With no ventilators in town, Covid is extremely scary for the residents of this outback community

– For 18 months the residents of Wilcannia have been alone, relying on their small community to help each other. Help is way overdue!

How can we, the MacKillop community, help??

A truck is headed to Wilcannia THIS SATURDAY with food and other essential goods. As we are in lockdown, it is difficult for us to physically collect donations, HOWEVER, we CAN make a monetary donation to the Kumaridha Local AECG. The support they need is urgent, so don’t delay! Donations need to be made by THIS WEDNESDAY so food can be purchased and included on the truck this weekend.


Donate to:

Kumaridha Local AECG

BSB: 650 000

Acct: 538 408 403


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