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Seniors Mass and Luncheon

21 Feb 2024

On Thursday, 15 February, our College Seniors gathered in the Church for our annual Light of Christ Mass, a cherished tradition among our secondary students. Fr. Philip presided over the Mass and blessed this cohort for the year ahead.

After the Mass, our Year 11 students received their Senior Badgesto to signify this milestone. With the presentation of their senior badges came the solemn pledge, a testament to their growth and readiness to embrace the responsibilities of being a senior student at MCC. It is a tradition that marks their journey towards maturity and a deeper understanding of their faith.

The students gathered for the Senior Luncheon—a joyous celebration of accomplishment and aspiration. Among the esteemed guests were our new College Principal, Mrs Tanya Appleby, and distinguished speakers Mrs Deb Ferguson, former Principal of Secondary College, Stephanie K College Dux and Gabrielle B, a College alumnus.

Gabrielle, shared her own post-school journey, instilling in our students a sense of determination to always strive for excellence. Stephanie imparted invaluable advice on navigating the challenges of the HSC with balance, discipline, and nurturing relationships with your teachers, peers and family, who will guide you through this time.

Furthermore, as we applauded our high achievers and those who secured top honours in the diocese of Broken Bay, we glimpsed into the future, witnessing the aspirations and dreams that will shape the year ahead. It was a testament to the spirit of resilience and ambition that thrives within our community.

In every speech, every shared ambition, and every heartfelt exchange, the essence of our school’s ethos shone brightly—the unwavering commitment to fostering not just academic success but holistic growth and fulfilment.

Indeed, it was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of faith, achievement, and the boundless potential that lies within each and every one of our students.


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