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Secondary Parent/Teacher Interviews

12 May 2018

Secondary parents and carers are invited to start booking their parent/teacher interviews to be held on Tuesday 12 June between 8.45am-8.30pm.

Every student must attend with at least 1 parent or guardian, and bring their College Planner with them.

Make your booking now (for Year 11-12 parents) or from Monday 14 May (for Year 7-10 parents):

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the event code: 6aa83
  3. Follow the prompts

NOTE: When entering your child/s name, please type both their christian and last name.
If you do not have access to the Internet, a kiosk is available at the school and you can make your appointments at the front office.


Are there normal lesson on this day?
No. Students only attend school when they are with their parents for the interviews.

Is there any supervision on this day?
If a student requires supervision the Theatre will be supervised for watching suitable DVDs and the Library will be open for Seniors only.

Please download the letter that was sent home for more information on how to prepare for the day.

MCC Secondary Parent/Teacher Interviews 2018
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