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Science Week competition!

12 Aug 2020

Education Perfect Science World Championships

Do you have what it takes to be the best in your local Diocese? During this competition, you have the opportunity to compete against the other schools from your Diocese to win a great prize for your class or an awesome individual prize as the top student.

Competition: For Years 5-12, this will open at 4pm on Tuesday 18 August and close Tuesday 25 August at 4pm.

Prizes: The highest scoring student will receive a $50 Mad About Science voucher. The highest scoring class, based on average points, will win a $100 Pizza Party.


  • Only points earned in Science between the official competition dates will count.
  • Students can earn points by completing any activity from the Science Content Library.
  • Tasks that are set by you will also earn students points, but not Assessments!
  • Spelling and Fact Lists will help students earn points quickly!

How to begin: When the competition opens students can log in HERE with your username (MCCW+firstname+surname – e.g., MCCWJoeSmith) and password (first name, unless it has been changed by the student).

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