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Premier’s Reading Challenge 2022

24 Feb 2022

Students across K-10 are invited to join the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2022!

The challenge opens Monday, 28 February and we encourage you all to participate in this wonderful event!

Students in Year 10 in 2022 are able to participate in the challenge as well if they did not complete the Challenge in 2021 and would have received a medal if they had. They will become eligible for a PRC medal in 2022 upon successfully completing the Challenge. Students who received a medal in 2021 will receive a certificate for successfully completing the Challenge in 2022 but will not receive an additional medal.

To view all the information to join in, click HERE.

If you want to participate but are new to the school or have forgotten your login details, instructions are on the above link too.

Happy reading!

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