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Parent support checklist

28 Jan 2021

New and existing parents and carers at MacKillop Catholic College may not be fully aware of the multitude of supporting staff and services and resources we offer so we have provided a checklist below that may assist you:

  • Mrs Natalie Tunstead, Family Liaison Officer – Natalie works three days a week and is often available at K-12 events offering her skills and expertise to strengthen the relationship between our parent community and College, and connect families to internal and external support services. Contact her by emailing
  • Sr Marea Ross, Josephite Support Person – Sr Marea has been at our College since we opened and has been a constant support among our student, parent and staff community. Sr Marea is available on Tuesdays and runs numerous programs that support the pastoral and wellbeing needs of our students and parents.
  • Pastoral teachers (Secondary), Leaders of Pastoral Care (Secondary) and Classroom Teachers (Primary) – your direct port of call for educational and wellbeing concerns.
  • Mrs Samara Stark and Mrs Beth Marsh, College Counsellors – Our school psychologists are available to students for specialised care.
  • Compass – Your direct link with all College administration tools. This system is where our rolls are marked and notifications sent to parents for absent children, it is where parents can read school reports and also provides students with their timetable. All relevant College communication will be distributed through this portal.
  • MCC Parent Handbook – An introduction to being a parent or carer at MacKillop Catholic College.
  • Parent Partnership Charter – An interactive guide that provides a checklist for parents to connect with the developing profile of their child. The PPC guide allows room for parents to design their own approach to supporting their child’s development. We invite our parent community to download a copy for addition to their own resources.
  • College Facebook page – Our main social media platform with news, events and notifications.
  • Parent Facebook Groups – Private groups where parents can ask questions, network and get further information:
  • College website – Of which you are looking at right now! A great resource that houses term calendars, College Matters (our College magazine released every term), permission notes, uniform information, enrolment information, Secondary student resources, K-12 events and photos.
  • College mobile app – available for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • MacKillop Chronicle – a weekly newsletter that publishes weekly highlights and information, as well as upcoming events of the week ahead to keep parents informed. Subscribe by clicking here!
  • Instagram – Tag us using #mackillopwarnervale
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