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Nichidaii Daiichi JHS, Sister School Adventure

27 Jul 2023

Monday 24 July 2023

We are so happy to welcome back at Sister School Nichidai Daiichi Junior High School to MacKillop after 4 years, of not being able to visit. This year we welcome 20 students, their assistant principal Mr Hatoyama, Mr Yuhara (TAS teacher – this is his 4th visit), and Ms Endo (English teacher – first visit).

The students left Japan last night and arrived safely at MacKillop at 2:30 today. Our Japanese sensei’s and the students studying Japanese are very excited to see the friendships build between the two schools over the next two weeks. The students will be involved in activities across the College in both primary and secondary. We wish to thank the 20 amazing host families that have opened up their homes to the Nichidai Daiichi Students. Arigatou.

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Today our Nichidai students started the day with their first English lesson. Thank you to Mrs Georgina Martin and Mrs Kirsty Liston for teaching English to our visitors.

This was followed by our Welcome Ceremony run by Mr Kilham and the Year 11 Japanese students. It was lovely to see all the Japanese elective students, Year 5 and the primary leaders attend the ceremony.  At the welcome, the Japanese students sang “It’s a small world” and did individual self-introductions. They were presented with MacKillop school badges from Mrs Ferguson, Mrs McGuinness and Ms Kenney.  There was also an exchange of school gifts between Mrs Ferguson and Mr Hatoyama.

After lunch, the Nichidai students headed to Norah Head and Tuggerah for some sightseeing and to practise some more English.


Wednesday 26 July 2023

Today the Japanese students spent the day at MacKillop. Period 1 they had English lessons with Beech sensei’s,  Year 10, 100 hour Japanese elective class. There was lots of conversation and laughter.

In periods 2 and 3 the host students and Nichidai students were involved in three activities organised by the Nichidai students. This was very competitive on both sides and fun.

Then in period 4, they spent the lesson with Mrs Iolanda Caruana and some Year 11 music students learning to sing Waltzing Matilda. Mrs Caruana explained the lyrics and the students taught the melody. This was an awesome lesson.

In period 5 the lesson was with Mr. Kilham’s Year 9 Japanese elective class. MacKillop students taught them how to play Pictionary and celebrity heads. Another day making friendships.




Thursday 27 July 2023

Today was a free day for the students from Nichidai Daiichi Junior High School. They got to enjoy all the Central Coast has to offer including a beach visit at Toowoon Bay.



Friday 28 July 2023

Fun Friday – English, Dance and the reptile park. Today the Nichidai students enjoyed an English lesson and dance classes in the morning. They were taught a new dance by Mrs Rochelle Calder and the Year 11 dance class. The students warmed up to the Hokey Pokey song, with lots of laughter. They then learnt a new dance, which relied on using key English words. The students had a great deal of fun and really enjoyed the lesson.

After lunch, the host students both primary and secondary, with their Nichidai students and teachers went to the Australian Reptile Park. Thank you Mrs Georgina Martin for accompanying the primary students.

All students had their photos taken with the koalas and fed the kangaroos. There was much laughing and fun had by all.  All the students enjoyed seeing the Australian animals and was a great way to end their first week at MacKillop.


Monday 31 August 2023

What a combo, Horse riding and English lessons.  In their English lesson today, The Nichidai students made lamingtons and had conversations with the Year 9 elective Japanese students. Surprisingly there was only one student who liked Lamingtons.

They then left to go horse riding at Glenworth Valley.  They got to ride through the amazing bush trails at Glenworth Valley just like the ‘Man from Snowy River’ which they enjoyed very much.

Wednesday 2 August 2023

Another busy day today, the Nichidai students had a lesson in the TAS kitchens making an Aussie favourite, the good old sausage roll. They then spent the afternoon with the Year 5 students playing some fun outdoor activities, practising their English and just having some fun.



Thursday 3 August 2023

Today the Nichidai students and their last lesson with Mrs Georgina Martin and Mrs Kirsty Liston. In today’s lesson, they learnt about Australian animals, making a diary, having conversations, and bingo. They have become more confident in speaking and we want to thank Mrs Martin and Mrs Liston very much for all their work with the students. The students have become very attached to their teachers and didn’t want to say goodbye. Thank you very much for teaching them, they have enjoyed the classes very much. Arigatou gozaimashita.

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