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New Year – New Award System for Students

02 Feb 2022

New Year – New Award System for Primary Students


Individual students: To encourage students to be the BEST version of themselves we have developed a LIGHTHOUSE POINTS chart which acknowledges student’s consistent work ethic & behaviours in the classroom. Mrs Kenney (Assistant Principal) will meet with students at the halfway point of completion (50 points) as a means of congratulations. When students achieve 100 points the certificate is signed by the Principal and then it is returned to the student to take home to show parents. All students who complete their Lighthouse Certificate will be invited to morning tea with the Principal & have their names printed in the newsletter.

Grade and House points: Running parallel to the individual Lighthouse scheme, we are trying to encourage children to work together with their peers and as a team. Both Year Group and House points will be allocated for Positive Behaviours on the playground and in lessons outside the core classroom (E.g.: Music, PE & Library) Points may be allocated based on a key PBL focus area each fortnight E.g., Uniform or School rule focus for the week.

Each fortnight at assembly the House & Year level points will be tallied and announced. The winning grade will have a small reward which could include extra play time, after assembly each fortnight. House points will accumulate across the term & may include points from events (E.g.: Cross Country, Athletics) The winning house at the end of each term will also have a small reward at the end of the term.

Parents are encouraged to ask children, “How are you going with your Lighthouse Points?” to encourage positive behaviour at MacKillop.


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