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Make a change: Affordable housing on the Central Coast

09 Nov 2018

Four senior students attended RAD (a Jospehite Social Justice Conference) last term. They returned with deep concerns about the lack of affordable rental housing options for people on low incomes in New South Wales but in particular, for those in our local area, the Central Coast.

As youth who currently reside on the Central Coast, this is a great concern for them as it impacts their future. Many young people and families in NSW are experiencing housing stress, paying up to 70 percent of their income on housing costs alone. Recent research by Anglicare has shown that a single person living on a minimum wage is entirely locked out of the private rental market in Sydney.

We would like to suggest that the NSW Government amends planning legislation so that all new residential developments include at least 15 per cent of affordable housing (inclusionary zoning). With the many new housing developments within the Central Coast region at present, we believe now is a pivotal time for change to occur. We strongly feel this recommendation will contribute to a more equitable future where all residents of this state and our local area can access appropriate rental housing.

We ask that you join us and sign this petition to support your local community and help to protect housing stability for the future of our youth and future generations

SIGN and SHARE the petition today!

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