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Harmony Day with Christine Anu

12 Mar 2019

Thursday 21 March is Australia’s Harmony Day, which celebrates the country’s cultural diversity. It coincides with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This is a very important day to celebrate and to understand and appreciate tolerance.

Harmony Day will be celebrated at MacKillop Catholic College on Tuesday 26 March. We are excited to announce that Christine Anu will join us on the day. Christine is regarded as Australia’s most iconic female Indigenous entertainer with a career spanning 30 years across music, stage, screen, radio and children’s entertainment. She has starred in blockbuster movies, musicals and has performed in many major Australian events.

Christine will be presenting her show entitled “In Conversation and Song” to our students from Years 5-12. The age group has been selected on the content of the presentation.

We would also like to invite all parents across K-12 to this performance, between 10am-11.10am in the Aitken Hall on Tuesday 26 March. There will be a celebration of our diversity at a multicultural lunch in which students (Years 7-12) will have the opportunity to purchase food items that reflect the many cultural backgrounds at MacKillop.

Students will be able to pre-order or purchase items on the day with all money raised being donated to Caritas

Ribbons – 50c

Sausage sizzle
Beef/hotdog – $2.50
Kransky – $3.00

Vegetarian options also available.

Meal deals will range from $5-$7.50 depending on the dish.

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