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Guest Speakers in Secondary

15 Jun 2022

Yesterday we had a number of guest speakers present at our P6 Assembly who continued to inform students about issues surrounding homelessnes. We are so grateful to have presenters from wonderful services on the Central Coast who work so hard to help to house many who need the support.

1. Christian Laing – CatholicCare (supported temporary accomodation)

2. Maddy Reynolds (former Mackillip student, CatholicCare – keys program helping Homeless youth)

3. Grace Lim – Wesley housing program

4. Steve – Coimba Mens Refuge, Coast Shelter

These speakers spoke so passionately, sharing their stories and helping us to gain a deeper understanding about the issues that can lead to homelessness. We thank each of them for their time and especially to Danielle Habib, also from CatholicCare, for assisting with the organisation of these speakers.

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