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Dr John Irvine on creating resilient families

06 Sep 2018

On Wednesday 5 September Dr John Irvine was joined by Jaye Bloffwitch and Gary Webb at MacKillop Catholic College to discuss relevant issues for parents and their children.

Dr Irvine delivered a keynote address in resilient families and presented many helpful strategies and ideas for parents and teachers. Jaye and Gary addressed the gathering after Dr Irvine also offering insights into the latest research and strategies.

Before the conclusion of the evening, question time was opened up to the audience where the panel took time to explore a selection of the questions that were raised. This was a wonderful and well-attended event and we sincerely hope our parents gained a lot from this informative evening.

We would like to thank our special guests for taking the time to present and engage with our Diocese of Broken Bay parent community, and to the Broken Bay Catholic School Parents group for organising this event.

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