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Book Week Writing Competition

10 Aug 2018


All secondary buccaneers are invited to enter this competition in one of two ways with prizes up for grabs:

Option the First:

  • Write a creative story of exactly 25 words with the theme and heading being “Find Your Treasure”.
  • Students should present their story creatively, using design and/or pictures on an A4 piece of paper. The 25 words can be written either in sentence form, an acrostic or as a poem.
  • The stories will be judged on the impact of the 25 words and the way these words are presented.

Option the Second:

  • Write a story no more than 1000 words with the theme and heading “Find Your Treasure”.
  • These stories are to be written in a booklet form. While careful and attractive presentation is encouraged, no pictures are to be included except on the front cover.

Avast! (more details):

  • These competitions will run separately for each year group.
  • Students are to submit their entry with their name and year to the Library by Fri 24 Aug.
  • Your story can be targeted for any age group.
  • These stories will be published as ‘zines’and kept in the library collection.

So what are you waiting for, me hearties: Get writing!

See Cap’n Crowe in the Library if you have any questions.

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