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Bishop’s Art Prize WINNERS!

13 Oct 2021

We are SUPER excited to share that one of our Year 7 students Evan S WON the Bishop’s Art Prize! This is very exciting, as the competition was across the entire Diocese! Bishop Anthony Randazzo was part of the judging process which is so awesome!

Another student, Dylan W, was also a finalist. We are so proud!!

See both of their artworks and details further down the page.

In Primary, the following students also won a prize:

  • Lacey F, Early Stage 2, Highly Commended

  • Danika M, Stage 2, Highly Commended



Name: Evan S, Year 7

Artwork Title: Biblical Micrography

Scripture Reference: Matthew 4:1-2

Artist’s Reflection:

Temptation comes to everyone from Satan. The Bible has given us many examples of temptations right from Adam’s. Jesus’ temptations provide us information about the traps of the devil, and how to overcome them. The Bible verse I used – “Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the desert and He fasted for forty days and forty nights.” (Matthew : 4 – 1,2) “Matthew chapter 4” has always encouraged me, as in it I can find how Jesus overcame temptations in His life. Satan tried to take Jesus out of the path of the cross. But Jesus won victory by the spirit, his fasting prayers and the word of God.

Jesus was fasting for forty days and forty nights, so I used sun, moon and stars to show days and nights He had fasted. I used dark colours on the left to show the darkness and loneliness whereas on the right the white shows the wilderness. I used acrylic paints because I love to use them and only paints can give the perfect shades I need.

In conclusion, in my Biblical micrography I want to represent that in every confrontation with Satan we can be victorious by prayers and the word of God.



Name: Dylan W

Artwork Title: Shine your light

Scripture Reference: Luke 8:16-18

Artist’s Reflection:

The scripture is trying to explain to us that nothing hidden will stay concealed and that everything will always have a light shining on it to reveal the best or the truth. I tried to show this in my artwork by using a form of light that was mentioned in the scripture and made it look like it was glowing. For the actual lamp I used dark and rusted colours to show that light can come from anything and everyone.

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