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Are you a Citizen Scientist?

12 Apr 2018

As Citizen Scientists, secondary students can take part in scientific research in their own time. This initiative supports students accumulating JUMP and community service hours.

As opportunities arise, they will be promoted so Citizen Scientists can participate. First up, Feather Maps!

Combining nuclear physics with wetland bird ecology, students need to collect feathers and information about birds in wetlands and send it in to Ansto (Asutralian Nurclear Science and Technology Organisation). More information can be found on their website, or you can ask Mr Herbert, Science Coordinator.

Community service: Simply send proof to Mr Herbert that you have sent 15 feathers to Ansto.

JUMP: Similar to above, students need to send proof that they have sent 15 feathers to Ansto and they can achieve 1 hour for JUMP

Proof can be emailed to Mr Herbert via using the subject ‘feather map’.

For more information about the Feather Map, visit their website.

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