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An important announcement from Sr Marea Ross

12 May 2022

Dear Parents and Carers of the MacKillop Community,

Finally after nearly 20 years at the College I have found it is time to retire. This will officially happen on St Mary MacKillop’s feast day on the 8th August.
I have so enjoyed belonging to this amazing place and hope to continue as a volunteer in ways that will fit both our needs.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting all the projects and appeals of the past. You have always responded magnificently. While we all know the motto of Mary MacKillop “ never see a need” you have truly lived it out as visible witness for your children to experience. When I think of all the Food Drives, Easter Eggs Collections for our dear elders, Christmas Hampers etc over the years I marvel at the good that has been done.

The last and perhaps most challenging task that needs to be attended to before I retire is one I really need your help.
Just briefly, I need help to sort out the contents of the house of one of our families who have been forced to sell their home. This is a single Mum who is struggling both medically and financially to cope with a mammoth task.

All I ask is that you consider how you can best help. Perhaps by giving a couple of hours to cleaning up the back yard or clearing out unwanted materials. If this is not possible perhaps by sending a donation to cover moving expenses.

I have drawn together a small team of energetic parents who are going to break down the tasks into manageable bites and manage the roster of volunteers. We are aiming for a working bee over the weekend of 28th and 29th May.

Please consider how you can contribute as the need is urgent and limited by time. It would probably be best if you work in pairs as there is a fair bit of lifting.
Physically it is beyond me as I turn eighty next year and I need your strength and energy.

It would be lovely to go out on a high with this job successfully completed.
I hope that you will be able to celebrate with me on the 8th August at our special Mass. You are all very dear to me.

We will get back to you as soon as we have a plan to share with you.
Thank you for whatever you decide to do.

Yours ever gratefully,

Sister Marea.

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