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A Fiver for a Farmer

16 Aug 2018

A few weeks ago, one of our Year 9 students was sitting at the family dinner table when the topic of the drought disaster came up. The student wanted to know what she could do to help. To start with, the family began collecting coins from the Wyong Pony Club to donate to the farming community.

From there, the family have made the decision to travel to affected areas to distribute hay and feed for stock and covering any basic chores to help ease the farmers’ burden. The family contacted our College about the initiative and we were ‘called to action’. We invite our College community to donate to ‘A Fiver for a Farmer’, if you haven’t already done so. The amount is optional and any donation will be appreciated.

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful efforts of our families already, and of the family mentioned above, which reminds us of how wonderful our community is.

Donate now.

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