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5 minutes with an SBAT – Jade M

08 Sep 2021

5 Minutes with an SBAT (Student Based Apprentice or Trainee)


Name: Jade M


Are you doing an apprenticeship or a traineeship?



What is your Qualification?

Certificate III in Childcare


Who is your employer?

Spotted Frog, Gorokan


What is the best thing about doing an SBAT?

The experience and being able to do something that I want to do in my life at a young age.


What do you find most challenging?

The workload missing a day at school.


What do you see yourself doing 5 Years from now?

Hopefully having a full time job in childcare and completing my Diploma.


How has this SBAT changed you?

Its challenged me to get out of my comfort zone


What do you wish you knew before doing this SBAT?

How fun and educational it was going to be.


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