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5 Minutes with an SBAT – Harris M

27 Sep 2022

5 Minutes with an SBAT (Student Based Apprentice or Trainee)


Harris M


Are you doing an apprenticeship or a traineeship?



What is your +Qualification?

Certificate III Health Services Assistance


Who is your employer?

Central Coast Area Health Service


What is the best thing about doing an SBAT?

The experience, gaining communication skills and workplace skills. Getting a qualification as well as my HSC


What do you find most challenging?

Working in an adult environment, early mornings and dealing with some serious health related issues that can be a bit confronting.


What do you see yourself doing 5 Years from now?

I hope to be at University studying Medicine


How has this SBAT changed you?

Helped me set goals for when I am out of school. I am more driven and motivated especially to achieve higher grades in my assessments.

It makes me see the positives in life and puts things in perspective.


What do you wish you knew before doing this SBAT?

The reality of what actually happens in a medical environmentally.



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