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5 Minutes with an SBAT – Courtney

12 Jul 2021

5 minutes with an SBAT (Student Based Apprentice or Trainee)


Name: Courtney C


Are you doing an apprenticeship or a traineeship?



What is your Qualification?

Certificate II in Sport and Recreation


Who is your employer?

Ultimate Gymnastics, Wyong


What is the best thing about doing an SBAT?

The best thing about doing my SBAT is that I really enjoy it and love learning new things I would not have learnt about by just doing PDHPE.


What do you find most challenging?

The thing I find most challenging is getting my theory work submitted on time.


What do you see yourself doing 5 Years from now?

I see myself using my Certificate II in a gymnastics career or in a gym.


How has this SBAT changed you?

It has changed me to always strive to do my best in what I want to do and never give up even if it gets hard.


What do you wish you knew before doing this SBAT?

That it would take up a lot of my spare time to try to get theory submitted on time.


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