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Secondary News – Term 2, Week 3

11 May 2022

Term 2, Week 3



Fifth Sunday of Easter is this Sunday. The Gospel reveals to us  part of Jesus’ last formal speech to his disciples. In the ancient world it was common for significant people to be shown giving a farewell address. The Gospel is quite short and refers to the glory of God and then continues to give us a new commandment 

 “A new commandment I give unto you: That you love one another, as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.”

Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if all were able to adhere to this. Simple respect and kindness supported by love of all. Let us all pray that this will one day come true for the world, but for now, let’s pray that we can all follow this in our own lives.


As we move into Week 3 of the term we would encourage all parents to check the assessment schedules that are in COMPASS for this term and to copy the dates and place them somewhere obvious so that you and your children know when all these are due and to be able to plan around them so that they have the time they need to complete these to the best of their ability.

All class work is very important to complete as this is the building blocks to understanding a topic and the assessment tasks are designed so that teachers can measure student success in that understanding. Assessment data provides feedback to staff of student progress and also areas of strengths and weaknesses that will inform the teacher on how to progress with their students’ learning.

Students need to realise how important completing all classwork and homework (which we call Learning Preparation) is. Not completing this work adversely affects a student’s progress and future options. We ask that all parents please assist us by insisting students are prepared each day for school and complete all assessments to the best of their ability. Teachers wish to work in partnership with you and that your children appreciate all the effort and care their teachers put into their learning.


NAPLAN exams are being completed by Years 7 and 9 this week and next. These capture information about students on one given day, but the results do allow the College to study strengths and weaknesses and use this in our planning of our programs and lessons.


This week the staff from ELEVATE have been working with Yrs 7 and 8 on Study Skills. Yr8 looked at Time Management and Yr 7 looked at starting to learn how to study. Please ask your children about this and what they learnt from these sessions. The students filled out a questionnaire at the end of each session and the overall response from them is that they give it over a 90% approval rate for what they have learnt and for recommending the sessions to others.


It is wonderful that our sports program is back up and running and I have witnessed a great deal of excitement and pride by our students to be attending competitions in their various sports. Our students always represent us well and show true sportsmanship. Well done to all our students and a big thank you to our staff who train the teams in their own time and are often leaving for competitions very early in the morning and/or arriving back late.

Just a reminder that students must be in their sports uniform on these days and not wearing mufti or other sports clothes. Seniors must either wear their school uniform or change at school before they leave into their team uniform.

Period 6 and Assemblies:

One of the most important ways to build community and a sense of belonging is knowing what is happening in your community, what opportunities there might be, congratulating and acknowledging those who have succeeded in some area and experiencing having all your school members participating together. We also have the opportunity, especially in P6 to introduce topics that may not be covered in class times such as anti-bullying, information about certain days that might be coming up such as White Ribbon day or R U OK Day.

Students do not always see why these assemblies are so important but, as adults, we see the difference these meetings make and the effect they have on community building. 

Taster Day:

On Friday this week we are holding our Yr 7,2023 Taster Day to allow Year 6 students to come and learn more about our College, to have a tour and to attend two lessons that provide them with the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in a secondary class. In the afternoon they are divided into three different groups where they will play a sport with instructors to experience what sport is like in high school. The day also gives the students the opportunity to meet potential new friends and not to be as nervous about starting here next year.


Theatresports is an amazing and challenging drama activity based on being able to perform as a group on the spot to certain rules. We have a Junior, Intermediate and Senior team who all perform so well at these competition nights against other High Schools from all over the State. Our students are competing this week in the Intermediate and Senior competitions which are held here at MacKillop. Look out on Facebook and COMPASS for times and dates. These are great nights of fun and laughter and very clever students.


Our Secondary Musical was on last Friday and Saturday Nights. We must commend everyone involved; the teachers, students and parents who assisted in preparing this and then the wonderfully gifted students who performed. Mrs Baird, our Leader of Performing Arts is so proud of her students, as are we. Well done to everyone.

Mother’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast:

Thank you to all our mum;s who were able to join us last Friday for the Mother’s Day liturgy and breakfast and a huge thank you to the staff and Senior leaders who cooked and served on the day. We hope you all had a wonderful day.

Winter Uniform:

This week we commenced our Winter uniform and we thank our parents for ensuring that your children are dressed so well and in the correct Winter Uniform. Blazers MUST be worn to and from school every day and to the Pastoral Period. If the students become hot and wish to take their blazer off we recommend they use their lockers to store them and we ask all parents to clearly write their child’s name on this expensive item. No undershirts to be worn, if we can see them, and we advise jumpers to come off first ,rather than the blazer, as jumpers go into bags far more easily. Please remember we just need a note if there is a uniform issue and we ask the issue is resolved quickly. 

Other Important Dates coming up next week:

  • Mon -Feast of Corpus Christi 
  • Mon and Wed and Thurs– Yr 7 and 9 NAPLAN.
  • Tues and Wed – Yr 12 SOR 2 Immersion 
  • Fri – Intermediate Theatresports semi-final
  • Yr 11 Leadership Nomination forms available from the Office

Final Word

If you have any questions or concerns always, please contact the College.

Remember to check COMPASS, our website and, our Facebook pages for information.

Life is short so why only strive for mediocrity….strive for extraordinary lives.


Debra Ferguson

Secondary Principal

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