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Secondary News – Term 2, Week 1

27 Apr 2022

Term 2, Week 1


Third Sunday of Easter. The following reading refers to when Jesus appeared to the Apostles after His death.

“With that their eyes were opened, and they recognized him, but he vanished from their sight. Then they said to each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he spoke to us on the way and opened the scriptures to us?”  Luke 24:31–32

This passage above produced a unique blessing.  Jesus opened the minds of the Apostles to the Scriptures in a new way.  These were ordinary men who were given an extraordinary gift of understanding.  It didn’t come to them as a result of long study and hard work.  Rather, it came to them as a result of their openness to Christ’s powerful action in their lives.  Jesus unlocked the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven to them.  As a result, they suddenly understood truths that could never be learned on their own.

So, it is with us.  The mysteries of God are vast and wide.  They are deep and transforming.  But so often we fail to understand.  We often even fail to want to understand.  

Lord, help me to see You, alive in my life, alive in the lives of others, and alive in Your Church, especially in the Most Holy Eucharist.  So often I am blind to Your divine presence all around me.  Help me to see You every day.  Help me also to respond with much joy and enthusiasm to Your divine presence.  Jesus, I trust in You.

Wednesday Morning Mass:

Although Lent is concluded, Wednesday Morning Mass at 7.30am continues and we invite all our students and families to attend.


We often talk about our College being a Cultures of Thinking (CoT) Learning Environment. The term was used by Ron Ritchhart who said, “Learning is a consequence of thinking, not something extra we tack on for good measure but something in which we must actively engage to promote our own and other’s learning.”

As educators, at MacKillop we want students to become proficient with the kinds of thinking they can use to develop their own understanding of things. For example, we want students in our school to:

  • Ask questions, identify puzzles, and wonder about the mysteries and implications of the objects and ideas of learning.
  • Make connections, comparisons, and contrasts between and among things – including connections within and across the discipline as well as with one’s own prior knowledge.
  • Build ongoing and evolving explanations, interpretations, and theories based on one’s ever-developing knowledge and understanding.
  • Examine things from different perspectives and alternative points of view to discern bias and develop a more balanced take on issues, ideas and events.
  • Notice, observe and look closely to fully perceive details, nuances and hidden aspects and to observe what is really going on as the foundational evidence for one’s interpretations and theories.
  • Identify, gather, and reason with evidence to justify and support one’s interpretations, predictions, theories, arguments, and explanations.
  • Delve deeper to uncover the complexities and challenges of a topic and look below the surface of things, recognising when one has only a surface understanding.
  • Be able to capture the core or essence of a thing to discern what it is really all about.


High Commendation (HC) and Yr 12 Academic Awards Assembly:

Next Tuesday, May 3rd at 8.45am is our Awards Assembly for Term 1 for years 7-11 and for the Semester for Yr 12. (Term 4 last year and Term 1 this year). Parents are very welcome to attend.

Mother’s Day Liturgy and Breakfast:

On May 6th we invite all our mum’s and/or significant women in our students’ lives to a Mother’s Day Liturgy in our Church and breakfast in the COLA.

Please see Facebook for more details and to register so we have numbers to be able to cater well. We will start serving food from 7.15am onwards.

Yr 12 Retreat:

We are so grateful to our Religious Education Faculty for organising the Yr 12 Retreat that occurred this week. This year group had missed both their Yr 10 and Yr 11 Senior Retreats due to COVID. These Retreats are designed for fun but, more importantly, for the students to start to reflect on their futures and how they wish to develop to be the best they can be and their connection to their faith life.

Yr 7 Camp:

Yr 7 attended their first Secondary School Camp this week at Tea Gardens at the great Aussie Bush Camp. This is a wonderful opportunity for the form to bond more closely and for them to spend time with their teachers outside a classroom. 

Wellbeing Survey:

This week Mr Hanrahan spoke to the students about the importance of listening to student voice and the need for the staff to hear their opinions. On Friday, all Yr 8-12 will complete a Wellbeing Survey that addresses many issues. Their responses will then allow the staff to examine and reflect on these to celebrate where appropriate and to make changes where needed. Yr 7 will do this survey in Week 2.


Our Secondary Musical is on in Week 2 on the Friday and Saturday Nights. Make sure you do not miss this. See Facebook and the Website on how to book for May 6th and 7th.

Thank You: 

Usually in my newsletters and letters I thank parents and students for the many things that they have supported us with and achieved. However, this week I really wish to thank our teaching and support staff. During the last 2 years our staff has worked so hard to ensure all our students continue to engage and learn……not an easy task. Last term, although many restrictions had been revised, the staff worked so hard to try and ensure all students were learning and also ensuring all those students who had COVID or were in isolation could also continue to work from home. They also gave up time to run co-curricula and extra-curricula activities to create community, fun and learning. I truly thank them and MCC is really blessed!

Other Important Dates coming up next week:

  • Mon -Serving at Coast Shelter for JUMP
  • Tues – ELEVATE forums for Years 9 and 10 / Yr 10 Careers Talk
  • Thurs- MCC Cross Country
  • Fri – Music 1 Study Day
  • Yr 11 Leadership Nomination forms available from the Office

Final Word

If you have any questions or concerns always, please contact the College.

Remember to check COMPASS, our website and, our Facebook pages for information.

Life is short so why only strive for mediocrity….strive for extraordinary lives.




Debra Ferguson

Secondary Principal



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