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Secondary News – Term 1, Week 9

24 Mar 2022

Term 1, Week 9


Last Sunday was the 3rd Sunday of Lent. The readings for the 3rd Sunday of Lent for Year C are a call to repent and return to the Lord. The first reading tells of how Moses encountered God in the burning bush. The psalm sings of God’s kindness and mercy. In the second reading Paul tells us to learn from the past.

In the gospel, Jesus warns people to change their ways. He also tells the parable of the fig tree. God gives us many opportunities to grow, but we must not resist his efforts to help us mature in faith.

In today’s world it is easy to deny God’s presence and Lent challenges us to be open to his love and existence.

Wednesday Morning Mass:

During Lent we invite all our students and their families to join us on Wednesday mornings at the 7.30am Mass in our Church. All Student Parliament members and Youth Ministry students are asked to attend this Mass as part of their service, but all students are encouraged to attend. Following Mass at 8am we provide breakfast for all the students who attend, both primary and Secondary. We invite you all to next week’s Mass.


The mantra of ‘Being the best you can be” has been stated at MacKillop since it commenced almost 19 years ago. It is something to strive for, but it is a difficult concept for teenagers. Despite the fact that they strive for individuality they hate to stand out from the crowd and there is a high stigma and often consequences if you follow your own path that do not seem to conform.

We are working hard to engage our students to strive for their personal best through our teaching techniques and by challenging them to embrace mistakes and learn for improvement. It can be easy for them to become complacent, even when doing quite well and to forget that there are approximately 75,000 students in each of their year groups across NSW who are also striving for success. They need to not strive for mediocrity but for a life that is extraordinary.

Parents and teachers together need to work in partnership to ensure we encourage and challenge our children to not compete against each other but to compete with themselves to achieve their best and their dreams. 

Harmony Week:

Last week I wrote about the opportunities this week allowed for our students, but, reflecting back on the week, a great deal more needs to be said.

We are so proud of our Senior Parliament who initiated this week and for all the organisation of the entire Student Parliament. Every day was so successful with competitions, writing prayers in origami hearts for the people of Ukraine, supporting fund raisers and listening to wonderful guest speakers.  

Our pride is due to the way the rest of the students embraced this week. We have never had such buy-in and it is so obvious that the students want to participate and have missed this over the last two years of COVID. Every day was so much fun as well as learning about the stories of people who now live on the Central Coast. 

‘Everyone Belongs’ and at MCC we need to ensure we embrace this always.

Athletics Carnival:

Last Friday completed the Harmony Week celebrations with our Athletics Carnival at Mingara. Our students participated whole-heartedly in the various events and had so much fun with the ‘Ole English’ games – sack races, egg and spoon races and 3 legged races. Students and staff were dressed in House colours with the best dressed going to a boy completely covered in purple balloons for the Alma House.

So many students assisted with supplying food and drinks for the staff whilst our Hospitality staff cooked a bbq for the hard-working staff on the day.

A number of students earned House points and JUMP hours for ensuring the grounds were kept spotless and a way of participating in this year’s ‘Clean Up Australia Campaign’. 

A really enjoyable day for all.

Frozen Weeks:

This week is a Frozen Week for Year 12. A frozen week is when we ask a year group to be in class for each and every lesson in the week leading up to exams so to maximise their revision time. Year 12 will commence Practice Exams next week commencing on Wednesday to practise exam skills and test their skills and knowledge in each of their HSC subjects so far. 

Evacuation Drills:

Due to the poor weather and a very wet oval we had to postpone our Evacuation Drill last Tuesday. We will look for another date.

JUMP Hours:

A reminder that by the end of Term 3 all students from Year 8 to 10 need to have completed a minimum of 15 hours of community service. All students should record their hours as they go so they do not forget the specifics. Students can earn extra awards by doing 20 hours for Bronze, 40 hours for Silver and 50 hours for Gold and the opportunity to go to ‘Raging Waters’ at the end of the year. Most importantly, they do the hours to understand the plight of others and to support those less fortunate or who need assistance.


This is seen as one of the major issues occurring in schools today. Everyone needs more information about this, and the following website is excellent for parents and to share this information with their children. 

This Week:

VET courses require our students in Years 11 and 12 to complete a certain number of hours of Work Placement. This week our Hospitality students are out at work experiencing the job in a real workplace.

On Tuesday in Period 6 we were privileged to be addressed by Fr Philip and a Yr 11 student, Tanishka, who both told their stories about their families and their own journey.

On Thursday Our College Captains were invited to go to Parliament House in Sydney for a tour and to observe our State Parliamentarians.

Final Word

If you have any questions or concerns always, please contact the College.

Remember to check COMPASS, our website and, our Facebook pages for information.

Life is short so why only strive for mediocrity….strive for extraordinary lives.

Debra Ferguson

Secondary Principal

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