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Primary News – Term 2, Week 1

28 Apr 2022

Term 2, Week 1

Dear Community,

Sunday’s Gospel Account

“They (Disciples) saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near the boat, and they began to be afraid. But he said to them, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” John 6: 16 -21. The Disciples had taken to their boat to travel to Capernaum. This was straight after the feeding of the 5000, so tensions and emotions would have been running very high. The Disciples encounter a storm and in amongst the storm they see Jesus walking on water. Obviously startled and afraid, the lesson it would seem was that Jesus wanted the Disciples to experience the highs and lows of his divinity. Moreover, Jesus wanted the Disciples to have faith during danger and to believe in a spiritual truth. It is what we are asked to do when facing our earthly troubles and perils. Some of us struggle financially and others face insurmountable health battles. In all of it we need to believe it is God’s plan to lead us to holiness. If this season of Easter teaches us anything, it is to have faith and believe in the risen Christ and all will be well.

Finally the Cross-Country is Run

After re-scheduling for the fourth time the school managed to hold its cross-country carnival at Hamlyn Terrace Sports Centre. Despite the original track being out of action the children managed to navigate 4 or 6 x 500m laps of the complex. There were some outstanding efforts and the top 6 from each age group will now go on to represent our school at the Central Coast cross-country event next Thursday. I want to thank all the parents and staff who helped in any way and especially Mr Snelling and Mr Falconer who ensured the carnival ran smoothly.

Mother’s Day Liturgy, Breakfast and Stall

On Wednesday, 4 May children will have the opportunity to buy a Mother’s Day gift from school.  Gifts will range from $3 to $5.  Please send your child with money on Wednesday 4th May should you want your child to purchase a gift from the stall.  We suggest children in Kindergarten and Year 1 bring their money in an envelope with their name and class printed clearly on the front. Mrs Harman (FLO) has requested if any parents can help sell the gifts between 9–11:30 then please let her know.

On Friday 6th May there is a special Mother’s Day breakfast and liturgy @ 7:30am. Mums and Grandmas can stay around for morning assembly where the K – 2 choir will sing, followed by an opportunity to go into the classrooms and do some reading with the children, for approximately 20 minutes before their learning gets underway for the day.

May is traditional Enrolment Month

We have some places available now in some grades if you know someone who would like to join our school community. We are ¾ of the way through kindergarten 2023 enrolment interviews. We are still taking enrolments for kindergarten 2023, but please get your skates on. This message is particularly relevant for current families in the school who have a little one starting next year. Spaces really are limited so please don’t delay and return your enrolment for today and book an interview. May is traditionally the month where we take enrolments, so time is diminishing. Spread the word out to others who may be interested.

Covid Online Learning

Sadly we are still seeing children, parents and some staff being impacted by Covid which obviously means 7-day isolation for the infected person. Teachers have been very accommodating in providing online work for children who must isolate at home. In the event your child needs to isolate he/she is directed to

Here the activities are tailored for each grade and change weekly. Please also alert your child’s teacher if your child has Covid so that tasks can be added to the Seesaw platform for them to complete.

Awards Assembly Tomorrow @ 1:20 in the hall

Learning Culture Awards will be handed out at tomorrow’s assembly, and we will also present our Cross-Country team who will represent us at the Central Coast Catholic Schools event next week. Parents are welcome to come along. In the event you can’t make it the assemblies are always live streamed. Go to our You Tube channel

Principal/Parent Chat

Now that restrictions have been eased, any parent who would like to come and listen to what is happening in the school and to learn about planned events involving parents then please join us on Friday 20th May 9-10am in the library. Mrs Harman our Family Liaison Officer will be talking about Grade parents’ initiative, parent education opportunities, MacKillop Play Group and Mrs Kenney and myself will speak about teaching and learning taking place this term and beyond. Look out for a special invite from Mrs Harman and RSVP if you can come to the event. Those who can’t make it we will create a zoom link for the meeting.

NAPLAN – (10th – 19th May)

NAPLAN is being held this year for Year 3 and 5 students. Most of the papers will be held online except for Writing for Year 3 which is pencil and paper. The children have been well prepared and are asked to do their very best. As we get close to the tests, parents are encouraged to support children with their lead up homework and to ensure that before each test children are well fed and get good sleep.

Key Dates for this Term

Our first ever Primary Musical will be held on 15th and 16th June. Semester 1 reports will be compassed home on Friday 17th June followed by Mid-Year Parent/Teacher interviews on 21st and 22nd June. Specific information related to assemblies and liturgies can be found on the school Calendar.

A Thought for the Week…

“The great essentials to happiness in this life are something to do something to love and something to hope for.” Addison


God Bless,

Frank Cohen

Primary Principal

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