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Primary News – Term 1, Week 9

24 Mar 2022

Term 1, Week 9

Dear Community,

Fourth Sunday in Lent – Gospel of The Prodigal Son.

“My son, you are here with me always; everything I have is yours. But now we must celebrate and rejoice, because your brother was dead and has come to life again; he was lost and has been found.’” Luke 15: 1 – 3, 11 – 32. This parable is perhaps the most famous and the theme is the same with the Lost Coin and Lost Sheep. When we receive our ashes on Ash Wednesday the Priest will bless us with the crucifix of ashes and often recite the phrase repent and be faithful to the Gospel. Central to the theme of Lent is the need to ask for forgiveness. Prodigal means wastefully extravagant. The true meaning of the parable from Jesus is that those who have been spiritually poor need not be lost to God. The key is to repent and do better. Use the remainder of Lent to ask for forgiveness and try and model for children to always be better people.

Athletics Carnival @ Mingara

Another successful carnival was held yesterday @ Mingara Athletics Field. Some of the efforts were simply outstanding. All the children did well in their respective events and the way the children supported and encouraged each other was pleasing to see. As always days like this do not just happen without great organisation. My sincere thanks to Mrs Denneman and all the staff and parents who helped on the day. Congratulations to all the students who will now represent our school at the Central Coast Catholic Schools Athletics carnival.

Cross Country Carnival – Tuesday 29 March

Fingers crossed third time lucky we will be able to hold our annual cross-country event. The weather Gods have not been kind. We do want to especially give those students who are born runners an opportunity to shine and to be eligible for selection at the next level event.

NAPLAN ICT Preparation Today 

The Year 3 and 5 students participated in a test using the online platform today in readiness for the May assessments. There were some glitches at the NAPLAN end, but thankfully our technology and infrastructure held up wonderfully. It is great to see so many Years 3 and 5 students who have been participating in before school maths preparation lessons. Those who have not yet been can still tag along to get extra input.

Kinder Nursery Rhyme Day and Year 6 Leadership Day

This Friday our Kindergarten children will be participating in a nursery rhyme day. The love of fantasy and fiction should never be lost on the young. I am pleased this day has been set aside so that the children can experience the wonder of some wonderful nursery rhymes.

On the following Thursday 31st March the Year 6 children will be participating in a leadership day held across the Diocese and that will involve our own Bishop Anthony. This is a great opportunity to hear the wisdom from our Bishop and for the children to interact with other children across Broken Bay.

Enrolling Now

We have only had the enrolment window open for kindergarten 2023 for a little over a week and we are already at 60 students. My advice especially for families already in the school, please don’t delay and get forms in now if you have another child starting in kindergarten next year. Over 80% of the applications in are from new families. Interviews for Kindergarten placements in 2023 are being held now. We have very small vacancies in some of the other grades which can be filled now. Please contact the office. First in best dressed! School Tours are always being held for new families wishing to see the school. Please alert friends and families that we are enrolling now!

Homework Survey – Please complete

Thus far we have only had 37 families respond to the homework survey. It will stay open for another week. We really want to know your thoughts so we can get it right for all families. Please click HERE to complete.

New Primary Classrooms

Plans are now well advanced for the building of new Primary classrooms to begin in 2023. The idea is to remove the middle string of demountable rooms to open a larger playing and outdoor learning space for all children. The double storey building will be consolidated nearer to Mataram Road in the area near the current Primary staffroom area. I appreciate that this is long overdue, but I am heartened by the Central Office in making this a reality for our children.

Traffic Congestion Continues 

When the weather permits, please encourage your children to catch buses or walk or ride to and from school. It was not that long ago that kiss n drop zones were not even a thought in schools. I respect it is a modern trend and need, but if we can avoid more cars on the road we should try and achieve it. Please also write to your local member, Central Coast Council and the RMS to get action with the Mataram Road extensions and the walk bridge promised on Sparks Road.

Upcoming Events

Year 6 will be off to Canberra from Monday 4 April, and we will be using the last week of the school term to remember reverently the events of Easter which is foundational to our faith beliefs.

The Lion King Kids 

Lion King Kids the Musical in Term 2 has been well received by the children with so many of them wanting to be a part of the cast. We originally had only planned one night but will now extend these to two to cater for so many children wanting to be a part of the production. This is a first for our Primary school and I am really thrilled that since we have introduced a Music and Drama teacher across K–6 that the participation rate from all children in drama and choir and music in general has been fantastic.

Tournament of the Minds

We have several students committing to Tournament of the Minds – a high potential and gifted program which will be held at Newcastle University. Gaming opportunities are also over subscribed and I am really thrilled at the development of the school’s coding curriculum where we are getting more and more children developing programs that were once only the domain of High School students.

I am very grateful to the staff who on top of their normal teaching loads offer so many extra opportunities for the children at MacKillop to thrive and be engaged.

Assembly in Hall @ 1:20pm Friday

Parents are allowed to come to the fortnightly assemblies. At this assembly students will receive their Athletics awards. For parents unable to join us you can go to the school’s live link you tube channel (click HERE).

A Thought for the Week…

“Humans are disturbed not by things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen.” Epictetus.

God Bless,

Frank Cohen

Primary Principal

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